Years: Featured Poem by Kassandra Jones

Want to submit a poem? This little gem I found in my in-box this morning. Thank you, Ms. Jones. ________________________________________________ by Kassandra Jones Years After you I kept going to the light my soul had seen When we were… Continue Reading →

#TheOA A Writer’s Dream

Dearly DeBloggers, It’s been a long time. A very, very long time since I have found any inspiration or any true love in a well-written piece for “television.” Most series feel like brain candy,  or simply we’ve just all submitted to… Continue Reading →

Two Door Cinema Club

Dearly DeBloggers, at Fox Theatre Oakland Dec 2 2016. One of the best concerts I have EVER been to- PLEASE go see these amazing dudes. Omg. Because TWO DOOR – does want it all. Two shows back to back and… Continue Reading →

Seven NBlue Looks for a Place OMG!

Betty & Veronica Present: Crystal Castles @ Bill Graham San Francisco Sept 21st 2016

Dearly DeBloggers, Two things: 1) Crystal Castles was AMAZING on September 21st 2016 at Bill Graham in San Francisco! No one does melodies over experimental beats like they do. I think pics and a few videos say it best. Enjoy…. Continue Reading →

Pillar Point ! At the Independent in San Francisco 7/3

Dearly DeBloggers, I am so totally excited to add this amazing artist to my favorites! Pillar Point is delicious, engaging, magical to watch! Scott,  signing and dancing on stage, with that melodic voice and  the counter melodies of his music…. Continue Reading →

Video: What happens in-between the chapters!

Dearly DeBloggers, Quick Update: While more than half way done with the second round of revisions, still meeting my 10/31 drop date – here’s what happens in between the chapters. Two artists have majorly inspired me in the writing of… Continue Reading →

#Krewella is Cruella

Dearly DeBloggers, I didn’t get picked on the lottery for Krewella’s San Francisco tour stop – I guess I will have to wait to see the girls. #Krewella still rules. Anyways, this is obviously a good sign. Everyone knows that… Continue Reading →

Alesso – All This Love

Dearly DeBloggers, Seven has a total crazy love for all things EDM, I mean, we have known this right? But who is with me on Alesso and ALL THIS LOVE! Okay, so there are a lot of DeeJays I do… Continue Reading →

Odesza in San Jose May 2016

So what can I tell you? Seven is crazy about music. You know that. Here’s Odesza thanks to Frank. Who apparently not only works on Artificial Intelligence, but loves EDM.

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